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About MigraKet®

MigraKet® is a Swiss medical food addressing the dietary management of migraine.

  • Crafted with high quality, bio-identical ingredients, it supports optimal brain metabolism through clean nutrients.
  • Developed by neuroscientists in Switzerland, MigraKet® contains clinically tested ingredients.

Our revolutionary formulation is based on patented scientific research from renowned institutions worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is to address the root causes of neuro-psychiatric disease by utilizing high-quality, bio-identical nutrients, starting with migraine. 

At the core of our mission is a united team of dedicated and brilliant individuals, many of whom have migraine themselves.

We are determined to profoundly improve the lives of sufferers through cutting-edge scientific advancements and unwavering support.

We strive to educate, provide comprehensive guidance on lifestyle factors that influence conditions, and empower individuals to regain their quality of life.

How MigraKet® Was Born

Your Science-Based All-In-One Formula for Migraine

Dr. Elena Gross, PhD

Our story began with our founder and CEO, Dr Elena Gross, PhD, a passionate neuroscientist, PhD in clinical research, and above all a former chronic migraine sufferer.

She began suffering from chronic migraine in her teen years with migraine attacks that continued to intensify over time.

Desperate to help herself and others, she has devoted her life to better understanding and improving this debilitating condition through the dietary management of migraine.

Elena as Scientist

Elena spent a decade studying at the Universities of Oxford, Basel, and Cambridge in Europe and Harvard in the United States, trying to better understand this debilitating disease, with the ultimate goal of improving clinical care.

From her research conducted at the Universities of Oxford and Basel, she discovered that migraine are as much a nutrition problem as they are neurological. This research has received patents in addition to being published in prestigious journals such as Nature Neurology.

Dr. Gross has also created the Mastering Migraine Community, a supportive platform aimed at empowering individuals with knowledge and resources to effectively manage their condition. Her book "Mastering Migraine Metabolically" (launching soon) has the same mission of educating and empowering sufferers in need.

Elena as Entrepreneur

Dr. Elena Gross is now a PhD scientist and CEO of one of Switzerland’s top 10 Biotech Start-ups (in the Swiss Top 100 venturelab public voting 2020).

MigraKet®, powered by Brain Ritual, was born from two decades of unremitting, medication-resistant, and debilitating chronic migraine, that plagued Elena through adolescence and intensified after finishing her psychology degree.

Something had to be done: This is when the real work began and led to the development of MigraKet.

The Origin & Science Behind MigraKet®

Dr. Elena Gross, endured two decades of agonizing chronic migraine before her research at prestigious universities.

MigraKet's® formulation is using premium, brain-nourishing nutrients backed by clinical studies.

Dr. Gross is passionate about empowering others through education, compassionate support, and providing a natural, evidence-based solution to transform quality of life for migraine sufferers worldwide.

Her unwavering determination turned years of personal struggle into a mission to redefine brain health holistically.

If you want to know in-and-out of the science behind migraine, MigraKet® and how to address migraine metabolism click on button below.

Our Principles

Redefining Brain Health

Our brains are central to our health. To take care of them, we must redefine how we view and approach brain health conditions.

In our fast-paced world, our brains are functioning at higher capacities than ever before and often with less nutrients- both on a macro- and micronutrient level.

For us, redefining brain health means studying possible root causes of brain conditions and addressing the management of conditions with nutrition. Our goal is to help the brain function optimally in a natural way without the harsh side effects of drugs.

Help Thy Fellow Migraine Sufferer

We understand the physical, social, and emotional toll that migraine can cause. Migraine is more than a headache. It can lead to social isolation and a feeling of loss of control over one's own lifestyle.

It takes empathy, emotional support and a community of caring people to help you regain the strength to live your life the way you want.

We have built and are growing a strong community to help migraine sufferers accept the presence of this neurological condition while confidently taking steps to minimize the occurrence of migraine attacks.

High Quality Standards

We are scientists with exceptionally high Swiss quality standards based on state of the art research. We use the highest quality ingredients on the market when developing our formulations. We carefully select partners who use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes. We value top notch customer service and are committed to providing a positive product experience.