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We believe that migraine is a warning sign, for example of an energy deficit in the brain. Managing the root cause of this painful condition, rather than just treating the symptoms, is at the core of what we do. 


MigraKet® provides your brain cells with its preferred fuel source - bio-identical ketone bodies - and nourishes your mitochondria powerhouses with the most essential nutrients needed, while also protecting them with antioxidants.

Developed in Switzerland by world class neuroscientists. Clinically tested ingredients. Inspired by evolution. Main ingredient patent protected. Crafted with highest quality ingredients.

You Are Exceptional

What could possibly link Lisa Kudrow, Janet Jackson, Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freund, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, Van Gogh, Picasso, and Elvis Presley? They all suffered from a migraine!

Migraines led our founder and CEO, Dr. Elena Gross, (PhD in Clinical Research, Oxford-trained Neuroscientist) to develop MigraKet® to unlock your potential for greatness.

Don’t let a migraine hold you back from your exceptional calling!

How MigraKet® Works

While the cause of migraine is still not fully understood, in a subgroup of patients a root cause can be traced to malfunctioning energy metabolism or in simple words an energy deficit in the brain. While on a carbohydrate rich diet the brain’s primary source of energy is glucose, it can also use ketone bodies which are a cleaner and more efficient brain fuel source.

MigraKet® is a unique holistic medical food containing most micro- and macro-nutrients necessary for energy production, including bioactive ketone bodies - the brain’s preferred fuel source. It is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of migraine patients. MigraKet can compensate for the dysfunctional brain energy metabolism which can lie at the root of migraine attacks and that can’t be addressed through diet modification alone.

Read more about the science behind in our FAQ or blog.

We are in this together

From one migraine patient to another, we understand the importance of transparency and we know that unfortunately even the best migraine product will not work for everyone. So far this was your risk, but we would like to share it with you.

MigraKet takes up to 4 weeks (i.e. 2 boxes) to be effective. Our offer to you: Pay for one box and the other is on us. Try MigraKet now and get your free box today.

What Matters

MigraKet® is a medical food formulated with excellence in mind

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