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Fuel Your Brain. Reclaim Your Life.

Migraine is a signal from the body; an indication of an energy deficit in the brain. Managing the root cause of this painful condition is at the core of what we do. 

MigraKet® is a holistic Swiss medical food which addresses this energy deficiency with high quality essential nutrients such as bioactive ketone bodies – the brain’s preferred fuel.

Tailored for migraine sufferers and crafted with high quality, bio-identical ingredients, MigraKet® supports optimal brain metabolism through clean nutrition. 

How It Works

MigraKet®  addresses the dietary management of migraine.  

Developed by neuroscientists in Switzerland, MigraKet® contains clinically tested ingredients and is inspired by evolution. 

MigraKet® comes in a water soluble, powder format. Your box will include 30 sachets. Take two sachets daily, morning and late afternoon. Dissolve each sachet in a glass of water. Drink the full glass with or without a meal. 

*With globally sourced ingredients.

Our Product Guarantee. Get Two Weeks Free.†

As fellow migraine sufferers, we know that every person is different and there is no one-size-fits-all method to migraine management. The initial effects of MigraKet®, should be noticeable within 4 weeks. To ensure you have enough MigraKet®, to experience the difference, your second box is on us †.

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You're Not Alone

With Migraine you’re missing out on half your life. You are constantly at a risk of losing your loved ones, your job, or your hopes and dreams, and the worst part is that you are often blamed for it, or you blame yourself. And whilst missing out on your life, you are also physically burning in hell. Your only goal is to make the burning stop. I'm committed to taking you from this state of hopelessness to help you to confidently master your migraine and claim back your life”

Dr. Elena Gross, PhD, Founder

Frequently Asked Questions

Information on the most common questions and concerns, in addition to more science background for our product.