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MigraKet - World's First Migraine Medical Food

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MigraKet® is a Medical food for migraine management, designed to nourish the brain with essential nutrients, enhancing energy metabolism and performance.

  • Developed in Switzerland with patented ingredients
  • Made with high quality, bio-identical ingredients
  • Drug-free
  • May be used as a replacement for a daily multi-vitamin
  • Contains electrolytes, antioxidants, and a multitude of vitamins & minerals
  • Must be taken under medical supervision
  • Orange flavored with other natural flavors

MigraKet® should be taken twice daily for 4 weeks (2 boxes) in order to notice effects.

Use code FREEBOX at checkout - Buy One Get One Free!
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Each serving contains:

Vitamin A (as Retinyl Palmitate, Beta Carotene)100mcg, 11%RDI
- Retinyl Palmitate 70mcg
- Beta Carotene 30mcg

Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 50mg, 56% RDI

Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol)25mcg, 125% RDI

Vitamin E (as D-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate)5mg, 33% RDI

Vitamin K1 (as Phytonadione) 12.5mcg, 10% RDI

Vitamin B1 (as Thiamine HCl) 2.5mg, 208% RDI

Vitamin B2 (as Riboflavin 5’-Phosphate Sodium) 200mg, 15835% RDI

Vitamin B3 (as Niacinamide, Niacin) 30mg NE, 188% RDI
- Niacinamide 27.5mg
- NiacinVitamin 2.5mg

B9 (as L-5-Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium)83.5mcg DFE, 21% RDI

Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin) 50mcg, 2083% RDI

Vitamin B7 (as D-Biotin)25mcg, 83% RDI

Vitamin B5 (as Calcium D-Pantothenate) 7.5mg, 150% RDI

Calcium (as R-3-Hydroxybutyric Acid Calcium Salts) 245mg, 19% RDI

Iodine (as Potassium Iodide)25mcg, 17% RDI

Magnesium (as R-3-Hydroxybutyric Acid Magnesium Salts)325mg, 77% RDI

Zinc (as Zinc Gluconate)5mg, 45% RDI

Selenium (as L-Selenomethionine)25mcg, 45% RDI

Manganese (as Manganese Bisglycinate Chelate) 0.75mg, 33% RDI

Chromium (as Chromium Polynicotinate)25mcg, 71% RDI

Molybdenum (as Molybdenum Glycinate Chelate)10mcg, 22% RDI

Sodium (as Sodium Chloride)137.5mg, 6% RDI

Potassium (as Tripotassium Citrate)99mg, 2% RDI

Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone-7)12.5mcg, *

D-Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (as R-3-Hydroxybutyric Acid Calcium Magnesium Salts)4280mg, *

L-Carnitine (as L-Carnitine Tartrate)250mg, *

Coenzyme Q-10 (as Ubiquinone)75mg, *

Taurine (as Taurine)150mg, *

Fermented L-Leucine (as L-Leucine Instantized, coated with Sunflower Lecithin) 50mg, *

Fermented L-Lycine (as L-Lysine HCl) 50mg, *

Mixed Tocopheryls (as Beta, Gamma, Delta d- Tocopheryls)15mg, *

Choline (as Citocoline Sodium)10mg, *

Pyridoxal-5’-Phosphate2.5mg, *

Boron (as Boron Glycinate) 250mcg, *

*Daily value not established.

Other Ingredients: Citric Acid (to preserve freshness & adjust pH), Natural Flavors, L-Malic Acid (to
preserve freshness & adjust pH), Rebaudioside M (as stevia-bioidentical sweetener), Xanthan Gum (as thickening agent).

Free from all nine major allergens. Allergen Warning:Processed in a facility and/or manufacturing line that also processes milk, eggs, soybeans, wheat, shellfish, fish oil, tree nuts and peanut flavor.

Manufactured for KetoSwiss Inc. 300 Delaware Ave, Ste 210 #391, Wilmington, DE 19801.

goBHB® is a registered trademark under exclusive global distribution by Ketone Labs, LLC.

Ketone Bodies
Potent antioxidants and clean brain energy.

B Vitamins
Essential for brain and energy metabolism and antioxidant defense.

Ketogenic Amino Acids
Supports ketone body production, antioxidant defense and neurotransmitter production.

Vitamins A & D
Supports brain function and signalling, immune function and more.

Magnesium & other Minerals
Support body and brain functionality, such as metabolism, cognition, neurotransmission and more.

CoQ10, Vitamin C & E
Potent, essential antioxidants important for neuroprotection, repair and energy

Trace Minerals
Necessary to support brain function, hormone health, metabolism and more.

Dissolve MigraKet® in water, adjust to taste (approx. 16 oz) and enjoy! 

Take it 2 times daily (morning & late afternoon) or as directed by your physician, with or without food. If any gastrointestinal upset occurs, take it after food.

To notice the effects of MigraKet®, it's recommended to use it for a minimum of 4 weeks, i.e. 2 boxes.

Use under medical supervision. 

Consult your physician for dosage, combination with other supplements, and usage for children under 16 or during pregnancy.