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Make a Difference for Migraine Sufferers

In this fully virtual survey you can help us continue to learn more about MigraKet® and its effects on lifestyle and the occurrence of migraine.

Complete this 2 minute questionnaire. If eligible for the survey, receive two months of MigraKet® product free. Upon successful completion of the entire survey, you’ll have the opportunity to receive additional free product to continue your journey to migraine management.

Complete the questionnaire today and we'll get back to you with additional information. Space is Limited!

Who Should Apply

1. Those regularly suffering from migraine.

2. Those willing to participate in, and complete our 12 week survey.

3. Those located in the US.

How It Works

1. Complete the questionnaire.

2. If eligible for phase 1, monitor your migraine for four weeks, and complete a short questionnaire each week about your symptoms.

3. If eligible for phase 2, complete a 30min questionnaire about the impact of migraine on your lifestyle.

4. Receive free MigraKet® product to be taken twice daily for eight weeks.

5. Share your experiences through short weekly questionnaires while using MigraKet®.

6. After eight weeks, complete a final questionnaire.

7. If you successfully complete the entire survey (phase 1 and 2), you'll have the opportunity to receive additional free product.

Why Participate?

Make a Difference
Join our survey and help shape the future of migraine management.

Contribute to Research
Your unique opportunity to contribute real-world evidence that may benefit others.

Receive Free Product
As a participant, you'll receive free MigraKet® product, valued up to $600.

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The survey will begin in Spring 2024. Note: Participation is voluntary, and you can withdraw at any time. For questions, contact us at