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Receive ~ $500 Worth of Free Product!

Make a Difference for Migraine Patients

We would like to find out how MigraKet® influences your migraine, work and life – and how we can make it the best migraine product on the market. We need your help for this! Take part in our virtual questionnaire based study and receive up to $500 worth of MigraKet® for free. If you successfully complete the entire study, you will additionally receive a little surprise package. Submit your details and we will come back to you with further information!

How to Apply

1. Ensure you're suffering from moderate to severe migraine.

2. Scroll down to know more and fill out the application form.

3. Apply today and be the first to test MigraKet®. Limited spots available!

How It Will Work

1. Apply to confirm your eligibility for the study. Nothing scary, just a couple of short questions to find out if you are who we're looking for.

2. If eligible, monitor your migraine for four weeks, and let us know weekly how your migraine has been (3 short questions per week).

3. If your migraine frequency matches what we are looking for, there will be a longer questionnaire (30mins), in order for us to assess the impact of migraine on all life aspects.

4. Receive free product worth ~ $400 and take MigraKet® twice daily for eight weeks.

5. Share your experiences through a super short weekly questionnaires while using MigraKet®.

6. After eight weeks, complete a final questionnaire to help assess MigraKet's impact.

7. If you successfully complete the entire study, expect a little surprise package!

8. Optionally, provide feedback and receive an additional ~ $100 worth of free product.

Why Participate?

Make a Difference
Join our study and help shape the future of migraine management.

Contribute to Research
Your unique opportunity to contribute real-world evidence that may benefit others.

Be the First

Be a pioneer in testing MigraKet® and potentially experience improved migraine management.

~ $500 Worth of Free Product
As a participant, you'll receive free product of MigraKet®, an opportunity worth up to $500!

We Need Your Help to Make a Change, Sign up Today!

The study will start in January. Note: Participation is voluntary, and you can withdraw at any time. For questions, contact us at